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Being in nature is were I felt most creative and in tune with my highest self.

As a child I jumped off of rocks, collected acorns, and played in the dirt for hours. My father and I took long walks in the woods where we would talk about life and I would come to understand how to live in communion with nature. As time went on, and after coming out of college and becoming a member of the working world, the noise of the 9-5 grew and I had lost touch with nature, and truly the Source. I could hear my father say " You only have one body," having always taught me the value of herbs and spices and how healing they could be while also showing me the importance of rest with his own insane work ethic.

But I had lost myself...

and I wasn't sure how to get back.

Until one morning

I got out of bed and returned to the woods.

I went with the intention of clearing the noise..

but I found so much more.

I heard in that woods that it was a time to heal. And I needed to start with me.

My memories of family formulas came back.

I began to study herbs, spices, the complexities of energy.

Family and friends began to use my remedies with amazing results.

And now here I am to share with you :) .

LoveAbenaa Naturals.

My Purpose.