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Workshops & Presentations

Workshops & Presentations

from 150.00

Emotional Wellness Workshops:

Meditation for People on the Go- In this hour course we review and demo various techniques that can be used by individuals looking for practical ways to meditate and ease that everyday stress.

Affirmations and Snowflakes- What do humans and crystallized water have in common? Maybe more than you think :). In this hour course we explore the importance of affirmations using the work of Dr.Masaru Emoto as our foundation.

Good Hair Workshop- At LoveAbenaa Naturals, "good hair" equals healthy hair. In this workshop, we explore LAN's M-N-S-P diagnostic method and what it takes to have good hair!

Do you have a particular topic of interest? Email us at info@loveabenaa.com and we can explore workshop options together!